Foodservice Conference Track 2016

The business of food is changing fast. Margins are thin, competition is fierce, and consumer demands for transparency around product information are stronger. Recalls and outbreaks are on the rise. Cutting waste by enhancing efficiencies and improving food safety is more important than ever. Business demands and resource constraints often drive the need to examine problems from new perspectives.

The Foodservice Track at GS1 Connect® is designed by industry for industry to help companies address business challenges leveraging GS1 Standards. At GS1 Connect, you’ll learn from standards experts how to harness the latest standards-based supply chain best practices, improve product information, food safety and traceability, as well as address local and federal food safety regulations.

Join us to unlock the value of standards for your business and for our industry!

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Foodservice Track Session Highlights

  • Foodservice: Today, Tomorrow, 5 Years
  • The Costly Bargain of Trade Spend
  • USDA Branded Food Products Database
  • Cut Through Data Confusion With EDI Harmonization
  • Close the Gap on Extended Product Data
  • Maximizing Benefits From Transitioning to a GS1-128 World
  • GDSN® Major Release for Foodservice
  • Cross-Industry Session: No More Excuses: Calculate Your ROI to Justify Data Quality Investments

If your organization is also conducting business in the retail grocery channel, see what sessions the Retail Grocery Track has to offer.

How To Do Business With... Sessions

Learn about business process requirements directly from industry leaders like Foodbuy, Gordon Food Service, McLane Company, Walmart/Sam's Club, and US Foods. View full list of 2016 sessions.

Trading Partner Roundtables

Meet face-to-face with foodservice trading partners Advantage Solution, Beaver Street Fisheries, Dot Foods, Foodbuy/Compass Group North America, McLane Company, PepsiCo, Inc., Performance Food Group, Quality Supply Chain Co-op, Inc., Sam's Club, Tyson Foods, Inc., US Foods, and Walmart Stores Inc. to learn how to optimize your supply chain. View full list of 2016 hosts.


  • Meet with trading partners, peers, solution providers, and standards experts to get started or to advance your implementation efforts
  • Learn how others in the foodservice industry are implementing GS1 Standards
  • Interact one-on-one with trading partners and experts in the foodservice zone
  • Network with peers and industry experts at “Foodservice Meet and Greet” sessions

Industry Conference Planning Representatives

  • Debbie Bower, Dot Foods
  • Ingryd Hernandez, US Foods
  • David Leppert, PepsiCo Foodservice
  • Regan VanTassel, Ecolab, Inc.