GS1 Standards and Solutions Conference Track 2016

GS1 Standards for identifying, capturing, and sharing data—about products, trade items, locations, and more—make it possible for companies to speak the same language and leverage the power of information. GS1 Standards experts are your resource to learn first-hand how to use GS1 Standards to move your business forward

Standards and Solutions Track Session Highlights

  • Product, Location, and Company Prefix Information at Your Fingertips 
  • Manage Your Assigned Prefix During an M & A 
  • Omni-Channel Attributes and EDI v 7020
  • GS1 US Attribute Explorer 2.0
  • GS1 UniqueID
  • GS1 Standards in E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Panel
  • GS1 US Mobile Scan
  • Solution Partner Panel