GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative Workgroups

Get involved to foster broad collaboration and help shape the future of the retail grocery industry

GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative members provide technical and functional support to address major industry issues through the adoption and use of GS1 Standards. The Initiative’s workgroups bring targeted teams together to develop a variety of implementation tools, educational materials, and industry recommendations in support of the Initiative.

By participating, you can take an active role in driving positive change and innovation in your industry.

Choose what topic areas are of particular interest and importance to your organization:

  • Product information and images
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Data quality

All members of the initiative are encouraged to participate in our workgroups and may join at any time. Our current workgroups include:

Why join our targeted workgroups?

Joining a workgroup allows you can get involved, foster broad collaboration, and make a difference—no matter your focus or expertise. As a participant, help identify challenges, explore solutions, and create adoption plans for:

To learn more about the connected consumer, traceability or operational effeciences, attend our next  live webinars.

To participate in any of these Workgroups, you will need to join the Initiative. To begin the process, please complete the application below:

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