GS1 US Certified Content Provider Program

Grow your business with better product images and enhanced content

The GS1 US Certified Content Provider Program helps your business get noticed and grow. At GS1 US, we know that small business owners fill many roles to make their companies successful. In today’s fast paced, digital world the burden you bear to provide accurate, complete product data and high-quality product images to multiple trading partners is increasing exponentially. Every day, you must constantly re-prioritize to deal with the most critical business issue of the moment, while also juggling digital marketing, and information and image management. You must relentlessly focus on increasing your product’s visibility to new buyers while competing with larger and better resourced brands. You’re expected to navigate complex and often confusing compliance and packaging laws which can take hours to research and money to implement.

We created the GS1 US Certified Content Provider program to help you compete with larger companies at a price your business can support.

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Our Certified Content Providers (CCPs) understand the challenges your business faces and have been certified by GS1 US to help meet your needs. They can keep retailer requirements straight and up to date, and provide you with a clean simple package of assets that will help you sell to large retailers. They will also provide enhanced product information directly back to your Data Hub product detail page, increasing confidence in the data you put in front of your trading partners. They will help you understand relevant regulations and avoid compliance nightmares.


Here’s what the program has to offer:

Retailer Readiness
Looking for a simple checklist of assets you need to sell into retailer spaces? Our CCPs will tell you exactly what big retailers are looking for in order to take your business to the next level.

Building Product Content and Images
Tired of managing multiple spreadsheets and housing multiple versions of product information and images on trial versions of “budget” offerings that change the rules every time you get a system in place? Our CCPs offer dedicated space to house and share all of your product images and information in simple, easy to use solutions that connect your product information to your trading partner’s systems.


Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Confused by all the terminology around product specifications? Not sure how to squeeze effective packaging design or professional product photography into your small business budget? Our CCPs have been certified on digital product content specification requirements and are the best in the business at packaging design, digital marketing and product photography. They know the value of your company’s dollars and offer services that deliver real return at a price you can afford.

Gain Exposure
Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner that’s advocating to get your product on both digital and physical shelves everywhere? Our CCPs have the connections to introduce you to buyers and retailers that are looking for products just like yours. They also have the working knowledge to help you start selling your products in the e-commerce space.

Compliance/Packaging Laws
Compliance is a tricky business. To help your small business navigate the complex web of regulations, we included CCPs that know all about compliance and packaging laws. Leverage them to help you create and manage your product assets the right way, the first time (saving you costly rework). Stay up to date on the guidelines and regulations you need to know to protect your business.