GS1 US Attribute Explorer

An intuitive, browser-based product information search and discovery tool

Successful trading partner collaboration requires accurate product data. Supply chain members need a single product data resource—one that is easy to use and provides access to a consistent, clear, and dependable set of product attribute information.

The GS1 US Attribute Explorer® is a robust search and discovery tool that helps deliver the accurate, complete, and authentic product information needed to optimize supply chain business processes, drive consumer interest, and support purchase decisions. It is a centralized, web-based repository that houses thousands of attributes, and is designed to:

  • Help industry trading partners search and discover the attributes found in both the GS1 Global Data Dictionary (GDD) and GS1 US® industry guidelines
  • Aid users in understanding the breadth and depth of all available/standardized attribute values
  • Familiarize industry participants with the attributes found in the global GS1 System of Standards and within GS1 US Retail Grocery, Foodservice, Healthcare, and Apparel/General Merchandise industry guidelines

Users can:

  • Search by attribute data type, name, and values—search results return all the aforementioned information as well as the link to the attribute’s official documentation
  • Leverage industry filters to fine tune their search results
  • Use fuzzy string searching to locate similar attribute results

Industry wants a better way to manage the search and discovery of the ever-growing product attribute universe. GS1 US Attribute Explorer delivers the single-attribute view trading partners need to help them harmonize their product data, eliminate inaccuracies, reduce implementation time, and save money.